Max Donzella , Director of the VIP Business Immigration Partnership and First Expert

M. Donzella

Massimiliano (Max) Donzella
Director of VIP Business Immigration Immigration Consultant Canada - ICCRC Consultants ID R409959 ( Federal Regulator) Certified Quebec Authorized Immigration Consultant 11061

  • Canada, Montreal Office
  • US Number
  • UK London number
  • South Africa Office Johannesburg phone number

Canada Investor Visa applications, Our Consultants and Lawyers only specialize in Investment Immigration 

Dear potential Quebec Immigrant Investor applicant for Canadian Immigration, if you wish to contact us, please use the form below . You will receive any information you request in less than 1 days only if you are transparent in your communications.

We only offer Canada Investor visa Services

Only Immigrant Investor applicants holding Net Assets  of at least 1,600,000$ CAD , the equivalent of 1,200,000 Euros , 1.3 M USD , 1 M GBP or 20 M ZAR for the Quebec Investor Program should use this contact form.


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