Canada Investor Visa Application Form 2017

Quebec Immigrant Investor Visa Assessment for VIP Services

You must complete the assessment form in order to receive an answer and identify clearly the currency you are using to estimate your Personal Net Worth

ex UK pound , Euro , South African RAND, US Dollar , Canadian Dollar , India or Pakistan  Rupee, UAE Dirham or  any other international currency

Remember that you  justify a Required minimum of 1,600,000$ Canadian in Net Assets to be admissible under the  Canada Investor Visa 2017  Program 

  • Section A: Personal information

  • Section B: Business Ownership

    Provide your current business ownership details if you own a registered business. If not, please continue to Section C
  • What year did you register this Business?
  • Did you sell your business in the last 3 years or closed it?
  • Provide, if you can, the Total Net Equity of the last Closed Financial year, usually last year.
  • Section C: Management Experience

    If you do not own a Registered Business but have Management Experience as an Employee, complete this section below:
  • Please list your net assets and their value based on your best estimation
  • Section D: Total Net Worth Estimation

  • Example , CAD , Euros, USD , ZAR , PESOS, AUZ
  • The estimated Market Value of your property Minus the remaining Loan on this property
  • The estimated Market Value of all other properties Minus the remaining Loan of these properties
  • The total estimated balance of money in all your personnal bank accounts only in the Currency you have selected above
  • Add all your portfolio investments, Insurance policies with buy back value, Retirements funds, deposits.
  • Please list the asset and provide the value.
  • We will contact you soon , if you have completed the form in a professionnal manner