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Canada Investor Visa 2021

Canada’s Investor visa Program of 2023

The Canada Investor Visa option gives permanent access to the World’ Top destination for Business Immigration of High Net Worth Families.  Canada is chosen due to its very Popular Government Managed Canada Investor Visa, its security and quality of life, Low Business Taxes, best access to Free Trade Agreements and Welcoming of Immigrants from all nations. Canada does not have Wealth or Inheritance taxation and a secured and safe Canada Investor Visa program managed by the Province of Quebec

You can plan for Immigration to the best country on the planet with confidence knowing that the Quebec Investor Program is Government regulated and supervised unlike in other countries

The Quebec Investor Program QIIP is the only Canadian passive Investor Program with no age limit requirements, no language or diploma requirements and no requirements to start, buy or manage a company in Canada, giving you complete freedom for the future and possibility to plan selling your current company at the right moment for the right price before moving to Canada as a passive Immigrant Investor under Canadian unconditional Permanent Residency.

If you are a Business Owner or Employed in a Management position with strong evidence or Managing Resources or employees  and you have a Net Worth of Minimum 2,000,000 $ Canadian, then this program is the best and often only option available if you are over 46 of age .

The QIIP is the Only Canada Investor visa  option available in 2023 – 2024  that will provide you with the Canadian Permanent Residency in about 3 years

All Minister of Immigration of Quebec have delivered a Quebec Selection Certificate for Investors to our clients since 2006

Canada Entrepreneur Visa Visa for High Net Worth passive investors  

QIIP Business Immigration Expert and AD HOC Government advisory Expert

VIP Business Immigration is the only Canadian Investor Office Exclusively specializing in the QIIP with a 100% success rate to date. Official Government accreditation Website links will be provided to serious candidates to Passive investment Immigration Program. Our Director is also a Canadian Accountant with Knowledge of many tax systems around the world. Canadian Business Immigration Law and Financial expertise meet, to ensure success for our clients. Business Immigration to Canada has been a popular mean for Business Owners and Employed Managers to gain access to Canadian Permanent Residency since the 1980's in a Passive Investment Program that does not require to Start or buy an existing or company. We provide Canadian Permanent Residency through the only Business Immigration program available for High Net Worth Immigrant Investors looking to move to Canada as Investors since they are over the age of 46 and would not qualify under other Entrepreneur or Canada Investor Immigration


We are your best chance of securing a Permanent Residency Visa for Canada as a Quebec Immigrant Investor Applicant

Our perfect approval score does not guarantee our clients being Selected as Investors by Immigration by default , as it would not be legal for us to advertise this. However, in practice , Quebec Immigration Section Selection des Gens d'affaires and local Canadian Visa Offices are able to accept our clients due to our efforts in preparing the best Business Immigration Applications in the industry, and our impeccable  reputation with Immigration Departments and Quebec Financial intermediary approved by the Quebec Government. Our clients are now living in Montreal, Toronto , Quebec , Vancouver and many other Canadian cities and move as they desire inside Canada as Permanent Residency as an Investor is unconditional and does not require to have any specific activities in Canada anywhere . Before you make an investment in Canada or make any decisions concerning your future in Canada , please contact us as there are many aspects to consider and some choices you make might make it difficult to apply again in the future

News and Updates QIIP Investor Visa

Applications under the Quebec Investor Program in 2023 - The Quebec Investor program  will Not take applications Before April  2023 and did not confirm if there were any changes to the requirements which are having a Minimum Net worth of 2.0 M CAD and making a passive investment of 1,2 M CAD . At this time , the information on this website CAN only be based on status quo , meaning there will be no important changes in the financial requirements. Please register with us to be the the first in line once we receive this information and we will be updated as a priority.

News and Updates QIIP Investor Visa

READ THIS about the regulations of the Quebec Investor Visa

All Quebec Investment Immigration QIIP Applications MUST, by LAW, be processed by a Quebec Based Office and a Quebec Registered Investment immigration consultant and lawyer. Therefore, you cannot look for a specialist outside Quebec such as for Vancouver Investment Immigration for these services under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. If you choose to work with someone outside Quebec, please be aware that you will not be fully protected under Canadian Law and chances are, your application will be returned to you without any further consideration. All files are prepared by sending documents by email and Registered Courier as no offices outside Quebec are allowed to process applications. You cannot find a Business Immigration Consultant or Lawyer authorized in your home country as it is not permitted and no one is authorized outside Quebec , not even in the rest of Canada

VIP Business Immigration Visa Office

VIP Business Immigration  is part of a Business Immigration Law Group, as the official Canada Investment Immigration Office, dedicated to helping Business Owners, Employed Directors and Managers immigrate to Canada under the Canadian Business Immigration Requirements as per each years requirements set by the Quebec Government in agreement with the Government of Canada under Canada Citizenship by Investment regulations The QIIP is the only passive Business Immigration program for Immigrating to Canada available for 2023 - 2024 and the only Immigration program for Applicants over the age of 46 and without such requirements as having a recognized diploma in Canada or High level of English skills How do we prepare a Business Immigration application according to the QIIP - Quebec Investor Program First we need to learn about everything you have done in terms of studies , work , personnel investment such as buying and selling properties or investing in a portfolio of shares if applicable : also your Business investment such as starting , managing and selling your company ,everything since you were 18 of age ...yes that is alot . Once this large CV is completed, we will start asking for documents as we need to show how you accumulated your net worth legally by respecting local laws in your country such as paying taxes and declaring all transactions . We need to focus on the most important transactions and provide tax returns, bank statements, Financial statements , contracts for properties ,diploma, etc ... This process requires financial and legal expertise , which we have ... do not worry , we always succeed Contact our Quebec Business Immigration Office

Advantages of Selecting VIP Immigration as your Legal advisors

  • The applicant QIIP will be offer a 1 Fixed  Global VIP Fee package including the professional fees for the entire Immigration process and fees related to the Financial intermediary verification process required by the MIDI Quebec Immigration Office
  • Reserved quotas ( only 660 available ) based on our reputation are available for our signed clients only - If a client signs with us at least 3 months prior to the opening date of the program , we can reserve a quota to the Financial intermediary ( Our privilege as recognized experts of the QIIP)
  • Highly personalized and Confidential service 7 days a week with no waiting time for answering your questions and process your information
  • Children over the age of 22 that cannot be included in the QIIP Quebec Investor application will be offered alternative solutions for them to join you in the future under different Immigration programs
  • Financials strategies for Currency conversions , taxation and moving assets to Canada will be offered as the Director of the Office is also a highly skilled International financial expert
  • Opening bank accounts for non Canadian residents for signed clients under the Quebec Investor Program will be facilitated for QIIP clients as the Director has privilege access to Private Investor Banking
  • Strategic planning on timing to move to Canada under permanent residency requirements is also offered