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Everything you need to know about getting the Canada Investor Visa in 2017

How can I immigrate to Canada and Quebec as a business person when I have accumulated the required investment by doing business or managing a company? 

Well, the answer is simple,  by taking advantage of the immigrant investor program of Quebec, which allows an immigrant investor to immigrate with his direct family to Canada and Quebec in less than 36 months. You must be qualified to participate in this exclusive program.  This is the only available solution where the result can be predicted and an answer can be received within 12 months.

Will my family be included in the business Immigration file and immigrate with me under my immigrant investor visa (business Immigration law)?

Your direct family will be part of the same business immigration file under theses conditions: your spouse or common law partner is included and you children will be included if they are under the age of 19 years old at the date of the first application and if not married.

What is the definition of the required Net Worth?

A Net Worth means all the assets that you have accumulated through your life minus all the debt . As an example, you own a property (your residency) which is worth 400,000 euros on the market, but you have a bank loan of 100,000 euros left to pay on this property. As a result, the net worth of this property is 300,000 euros.

As a second example, you own a rental property that is worth 200,000 euros on the market and is 100% paid, you will add the 300,000 euros of Net Worth from your residency + the 200,000 euros from the rental property. In total, you now have a Net Worth of 500,000 euros. You might also have money in the bank, stocks, and a value for you company. In total you need about 1,200,000 euros or 1,600,000$ Canadian to be admissible.

Do I need to sell everything I own to bring 1,600,000$ to Canada?

The answer is no, you only need to prove that you own the 1,600,000$ Canadian of assets. You can continue running your business for a period of time and do what you want with your assets. The only amount of money you need to provide to the bank are the financing fees of 240,000$ Canadian and around 15,000$ Canadian payable directly to the government for the business immigration application.


Do i need to start a business to be accepted as an immigrant investor?

You do not need to do anything other than pay the 240,000$ Canadian of financing fees. You are not obligated to work or do any business at all. This will be your privilege.


When do I have to pay the 240,000$ Canadian of financing fees?

Once we deposit your business immigration file, about 12 months later, you will receive you acceptation letter from the Quebec Authorities (means you are approved by Quebec which almost guarantees your Federal Approval). From that moment, you have 110 days to pay your financing fees of 240,000$ Canadian. You will be able to open a canadian bank account once we have deposited your business immigration file. We will assist in doing this for you.



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