Max Donzella , Director of the VIP Business Immigration Partnership , Ad Hoc Government Advisor and First Expert

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M. Donzella

Massimiliano (Max) Donzella
Director of VIP Business Immigration Immigration Consultant Canada - ICCRC Consultants ID R409959 ( Federal Regulator) Certified Quebec Authorized Immigration Consultant 11061

Ex Minister of Immigration of Canada Expert AD Hoc Advisor on Business Immigration

  • Canada, Montreal Office
  • US Number
  • UK London number
  • South Africa Office Johannesburg phone number
  • Vancouver Investment Immigration QIIP number
  •  1-604-900-1162

Canada Investors Visa applications, Our Investment  Immigration Consultant  & Lawyer only specialize in QIIP Investment Immigration 

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We only offer Canada , Quebec, Vancouver Investment Immigration visa Services

Only QIIP Immigrant Investor applicants holding Net Assets  of at least 1,600,000$ CAD , the equivalent of 1,200,000 Euros , 1.3 M USD , 1 M GBP or 20 M ZAR for the Quebec Investor Program should use this contact form.

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